A new take on a classic, and an ideal after-dinner drink


25ml dark rum
50ml LBV port wine
3 dashes creole bitters
5ml sugar syrup
25ml No1
Juniper Soda
Orange zest


Add the first four ingredients to a mixing glass full of ice. Strain the drink into a dark-chocolate rimmed tulip glass. Top with No1 Juniper Soda

Juniper Soda

Sparkling 200ml - Case of 12

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Our juniper soda is incredibly herbaceous, sweet and floral in character with a fruity finish.

Pair No1 Juniper Soda with a dark rum or go a little rogue with port for a wonderfully enriching experience.

200ml Sparkling Juniper Soda
Made with pure fresh extract

  • No colours or preservatives
  • No allergens
  • No salt or sugar
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Refreshing sparkling waters

Made with pure botanical extracts