Ginger Water
Ginger Water

Ginger Water

Sparkling 330ml - Case of 12



The wonders of nature in drinkable form

Our brand new flavour, available in a can!

Healthy and refreshing, sparkling botanical water. No sugars, sweeteners or preservatives – containing only 10 calories per can

  • Ginger is an extraordinary herb, carefully chosen to create a warming flavour with a spicy kick!
  • Active herbal compounds are retained, using only pure, fresh ginger extract - never from flavouring or essence.
  • Healthy hydration – made with only 2 ingredients: certified natural spring water and pure, fresh ginger extract – these drinks are delicious and healthy
  • Best served super chilled to refresh and hydrate throughout the day.

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  • No colours or preservatives
  • No allergens
  • No salt or sugar
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The wonders of mother nature

Meet No1 Botanicals, the UK’s only range of drinks containing nothing but natural spring water with pure botanical extracts. We take extraordinary herbs, carefully chosen for their delicate, aromatic flavours and unique traditions, and make delightfully refreshing drinks. Completely natural and free from sugar or additives, we also use no plastic.