The Collection

Introducing No1 Botanicals. The UK’s only range of drinks containing pure, fresh botanical extracts beautifully blended with natural spring water and authenticated by the scientists of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  Extraordinary herbs, carefully chosen for their delicate, aromatic flavours. Refreshing and different, our wonderful drinks contain no sugar or additives. And we don't use plastics.

The story of No.1 Botanicals starts with a tiny hamlet that for a long time, hid a big secret. Unlocking that secret has led us on a journey of discovery through the power of herbs. In Acciaroli, more that 1 in 10 residents live to over 100 years old. 

A team of scientists from Rome’s La Sapienza University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine identified rosemary as the key ingredient added to their otherwise classically Mediterranean diet. 

No.1 Botanicals’ founder David Spencer-Percival, heard  this story and set out on a mission to capture the herb’s goodness. He created No.1 Rosemary Water the first single extract botanical drink, which is now enjoyed the world over. 

Bottled according to strict quality standards, the drink contains pure 2% rosemary extract, concentrating the essential properties of the plant into a refreshing, luxurious still or sparkling beverage – retaining the distinct Mediterranean flavour.

Only a select few people live in Acciaroli, but No1 Rosemary Water makes the Acciaroli lifestyle available to anyone willing to try it. If you’re going to drink, drink to your health.

Tasting, learning and immersing himself in the history and flavours of botanicals, David teamed up with the botanists at Blue Sky Botanics and collaborated with the scientists at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to carefully curate a collection of 9 new herbal drinks with unique health properties: Rosemary’s new family.