We pride ourselves on quality, using only the freshest rosemary to create No1 Botanicals Rosemary Water, our unique trailblazing drink.
Developed through a unique combination of extraction processes, our drinks only ever contain the best quality herbs, cold infused to ensure that all of the active compounds found in nature are present.
After years of research and development, we’ve fine-tuned our extraction process to ensure that it’s as close to perfect as can be.
Bringing you the power of herbs
As with No1 Rosemary Water, the new botanical extract drinks contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no sweeteners, no additives, no artificial colours, or flavours and are made with love. And of course, we use fully recyclable packaging.

The herbs go through a complex process of cold extraction to preserve the flavours of the herb, to capture all the compounds and ingredients found in nature and get them into the bottle.
Our drinks contain no sugars, sweeteners or preservatives and our packaging is fully recyclable.
Throughout history, rosemary has been associated with memory and in order to back this up, we commissioned an academic study, which was published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology Today. 1 Based on research by Dr Mark Moss, Head of the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University, the study concluded that drinking a concentrated rosemary extract drink can boost cognitive and memory performance by up to 15%.
Along with memory tests, Dr Moss conducted brain scans to show how ingesting No1 Botanicals rosemary extract drinks can increase the levels of deoxygenated red blood cells flowing through the brain. The research team concluded that the presence of 1,8-cineole and rosmarinic acid, which both occur in No1 Botanicals Rosemary Water, may be important in delivering improved cognitive performance.
1 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/ 10.1177/0269881118798339
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