What are Botanicals?

So, what are botanicals? How are they used, and what are their benefits? Here, we explain.

Botanicals are directly derived from plants. Plants and their properties have been used for thousands of years. Botanicals are valued not only for their therapeutic properties, but also for their flavour and scent.

Even though they have been used for years, the demand for botanicals over recent years has become more popular than ever before. People are turning back to the power of mother nature, to maintain overall health and wellness.

This demand also explains why there is such an array of botanical related products on the market today. Face creams, cosmetics, oils, salts, supplements, drinks, and food are just some of the products on the market that include botanicals. 


Developed through a unique combination of extraction processes, our drinks only ever contain the best quality herbs, cold infused to ensure that all of the active compounds found in nature are present. Beautifully blended with Certified Natural Spring Water, they contain no sugars, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Introduce some goodness into your life by taking a look at our delicious and refreshing range of botanical waters. 


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