No.1 x Henry Cavill Launch Event

To launch our short film, A Journey of Discovery, we invited a select few to an exclusive film premiere at the Soho Hotel in London. Guests included a star studded array of health and fitness influencers, nutritionists, wellbeing specialists and of course the star of our film and Nature’s Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

The event may have been invite only, but that doesn’t mean we wanted all of the No1 Rosemary Water supporters to miss out on the festivities! We’ve collected our favourite pictures and stories from the night to share with you all.


Guests arrived to a canape reception before being invited into our private screening room for the first look at A Journey of Discovery. The film was introduced by No1 Rosemary Water founders, David and Bonita Spencer-Percival and guest of honor Henry, who shared stories of their trip to Acciaroli who all spoke about what fun they’d had journeying to the home of No1 Rosemary Water.

The premiere was followed by a drinks reception in the specially designed botanical bar, where guests were served Henry’s favourite cocktail, a Forget Me Not Martini, and of course No1 Rosemary Water on ice. The event was packed with press, influencers and family and friends all rubbing shoulders and delighting in the evening’s celebrations.

Sadly we can’t all have Superman show up for cocktail hour but luckily you can mix up your own at home! To make your own Forget Me Not Martinis, start by mixing 1 part vermouth to 6 parts vodka and top with a Rosemary Extract Shot. Serve in a Martini glass with a rosemary garnish and for extra treat, why not watch A Journey of Discovery as you sip on your Martini and join Nature’s Superman on his inaugural botanical adventure.



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