Introducing No1 Botanicals

The first range of single extract botanical drinks authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew



Following the success of No1 Rosemary Water, a range of nine new and unique single extract herbal drinks join the No1 family. Launching in September 2018, the new herbs - each with their own unique history - are: Basil, Fennel, Thyme, Lemon Verbena, Meadowsweet, Olive Leaf, Sage, Mint and Juniper. Harnessing the power of nature; each water is made from the fresh herb, carefully extracted to ensure all of the active compounds are retained inside the drink. The herbs have been carefully selected for their long history of health and wellness benefits, and the extracts have been authenticated by world-leading experts in botanical science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


The Process
Bringing you the power of herbs

As with No1 Rosemary Water, the new botanical extract drinks contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no sweeteners, no additives, no artificial colours or flavours and absolutely no plastics.

The herbs go through a complex process of cold extraction in order to preserve the fresh herb, capture all the compounds and ingredients found in nature, and get them into the bottle.


The Taste
Never-before captured flavours are best served over ice

The result is a range of deliciously refreshing flavours best served over ice. Some are sweet, some light, some earthy - but all of them are delicate, aromatic and completely natural.

As more and more of us are conscious of mindful eating and drinking, No1 Botanicals is an alcohol-free alternative. This transformational shift towards natural health, alongside a much greater awareness of general well-being, means that a quarter of 25 year olds today report making the lifestyle choice to become teetotal (Office of National Statistics, Adult Drinking Habits in Great Britain 2017).

To answer this increasing demand for soft drinks, we created this range based on ten extraordinary herbs, selected for their incredible flavours, that are equally delicious drunk alone or to complement a carefully curated meal.


The Journey so Far
From Acciaroli to Kew

The story of No1 Botanicals starts with a tiny Italian hamlet that for a long time hid a big secret. Unlocking that secret has led us on a journey of discovery through the power of herbs.

In Acciaroli more than one in ten residents live to over 100. A team of scientists from Rome’s La Sapienza University and the University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine identified rosemary as the key ingredient added to their otherwise typical Mediterranean diet.

No1 Botanicals’ founder David Spencer-Percival, heard this story and set out on a mission to capture the herb’s goodness. He created No1 Rosemary Water - the world’s first drink containing pure rosemary extract and spring water - and the adventure into the world of herbs began.

Tasting, learning and immersing himself in the history and flavours of botanicals, David teamed up with the botanists at Blue Sky Botanics and collaborated with the scientists at Kew to select the nine new herbs - Rosemary’s new family.


The Power of Botanicals
The history of the herbs

The World Health Organisation confirmed that herbal remedies serve the needs of about 80% of the world’s population; especially for millions of people in the vast rural areas of developing countries (Leslie Taylor’s Plant Based Drugs and Medicines from RainTree Nutrition (2000)).

According to Newman and Cragg 2012, over 50% of the drugs approved for medical use during the last 30 years are derived either directly or indirectly from natural products.

Take meadowsweet, for example. The scientific name was once Spiraea. Today, it’s where Aspirin gets its name. Aspirin was developed from the compound salicylic acid which was isolated from meadowsweet and white willow.

Founder of No1 Botanicals, David Spencer-Percival says: “People are looking for more from their soft-drinks today - they are seeking out more sophisticated flavours while being more mindful of what they’re putting in their bodies than ever before. We are thrilled to be launching first in Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges and to be collaborating with Kew has been a real honour. Your choice of water just got more interesting than simply ‘still or sparkling!”

Professor Monique Simmonds, Deputy Director of Science at Kew, said: “Kew is pleased to be partnering with No1 Botanicals on this new range, which will add a refreshing option to the soft drinks market. Kew has a long history of promoting a more natural approach to our everyday lives and the products that we consume, so this partnership makes perfect sense.”

Why We've Chosen the No1 Botanicals Herbs



Ancient wisdom suggested that Basil is energizing, lifts the spirits, combats intellectual fatigue, and promotes mental stamina.



With a naturally sweet and cleansing taste, fennel has been traditionally taken to help boost the immune system to fight off colds and associated aches and pains.



Spearmint has a tangy flavour that is very refreshing. It has a long tradition as a gentle tonic to ease an upset stomach.



Juniper berry has a sharp, earthy flavour, and in folk medicine a drink made from the berries was taken to sooth cough and chest ailments.



A refreshing formulation, thyme was revered by the ancients for curing a hangover. It was also attributed to help fight tiredness and lift the spirits.



Lemon Verbena has a tingling, warming citrus flavour. This is a drink to meditate with! It has many traditional uses and was taken to assist sleep and for the relief of common digestive complaints.



Olives and beauty go hand in hand. Olive leaves have been used for centuries to improve the skin’s appearance.



The scientific name was once Spiraea, it’s where bitter aspirin gets its name. Aspirin was developed from the compound salicylic acid, which was isolated from meadowsweet and white willow. However, meadowsweet - as suggested by its common name - has a sweet and refreshing taste.



The elegance of age – Sage was believed to help keep the mind fresh and youthful.


Drinks infused with rosemary have a soothing flavour and taste. Rosemary has a wide range of traditional uses from helping to alleviate muscle pain, improving memory and the circulatory system. Tales about its ability to enhance memory can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece.

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